PTnnboFV8JNqEME-S6wkxXmst8JiBFMMG4cMEIdgVbQ,M13Zg1Lwo1tz-bLVJrhoVnqV9jmobX5qf95embBnM4Q R3orWdrmd8NBulh5_hiC95-1scjfOQTNQNkcTw4_zio,RTEnBX7oXgKoqcl5gAs86QBi7_P3siwQ-Uap7JZ-OSMWelcome to the Lomita Chamber of Commerce!


“The role of the Lomita Chamber of Commerce
shall be to encourage businesses to work together
for their collective best interest and that of the
Lomita Community, and to continue to project a
positive image of the City of Lomita.”

For inquiries please call 310.326.6378 or email info@lomitacoc.com